The company was established in 1996 originally under the name ASYSDevelop focusing on custom software development and office equipment sales.

Since 2000, the company has started under the same name ASYSDevelop cooperation with the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute. Since then AS&C provide continuous development of various measuring devices and data collection solutions. Recently we have more then 24 professional automated systems installed in more then 18 locations of Czech Hydrometeorological Institute.
At the turn of years 2006/2007, we have completed the development of the most recent device from METEO family for measuring the depth of frozen soil. New automated cryopedometer extends range of climatological measurement devices developed by AS&C. See METEO section).

In 2004 became AS&C a certified Implementation partner of LabWare Ltd., based in Toft Hall, Toft Road, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 9PD, England. Since then offers LIMS services in implementation of the LabWare LIMS system, customization, upgrades and migration from other LIMS system platforms. AS&C also provides training for LabWare LIMS administrators. AS&C provides LIMS services mainly in central and western Europe.
AS&C has successfully participated in several different project in European countries as England, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Denmark. In 2007, we began to cooperate in the global LIMS Europien project for one of the biggest worldwide pharmaceutical company. Recently we cooperate with the same company on new LIMS project in region of Israel ( for details see LIMS section).

Realized LIMS implementation projects:

  • 2005 - local pharmaceutical company (Denmark) - pilot LW LIMS project - QA/QC LIMS
  • 2005 - military laboratories testing quality of fuels for aviation (UK) - Beckman replacement
  • 2005 - worldwide company producing dermatological products (UK) - stability reporting in LW LIMS
  • 2005/2006 - local pharmaceutical company (ČR) - laboratory instruments interfacing to QA/QC LW LIMS, R&D LW LIMS
  • 2006 - worldwide tobacco company (Switzerland) - R&D Biotechnological LIMS
  • 2006/2007 - local forensic institute (Denmark) - paternity testing/crime cases (DNA analyses)
  • 2007 - worldwide pharmaceutical company (Israel) - Environmental monitoring (EM) LIMS

Recent LIMS project:

  • 2007/2008 - worldwide pharmaceutical company (Holland, Hungary, UK, Ireland) - QA/QC LIMS
  • 2008 - worldwide pharmaceutical company (Israel) - QA/QC LIMS